Live updates: America's Cup - INEOS Team UK v Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli in Prada Cup challenger final (Races 3 & 4)

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5:44pm - Next racing is scheduled for Wednesday and unless the British can find something in the shed, this series could be over on Friday.

Join us on Wednesday for more live updates of this Prada Cup final.

Prada Cup Final, Race 4

INEOS Team UK v Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli 

Luna Rossa win by 41s, lead series 4-0

Finish - Spithill and Bruni continue to dominate this final, building a 4-0 lead that could be unassailable.

Ainslie and Team UK limp home 41 seconds back, utterly beaten. They need to find something dramatic to avoid a whitewash.

Sixth leg - Luna Rossa round the left mark, Team UK follow - they won't make up 37 seconds that way.

Italy hit the right boundary and jibe back, Team UK seem resigned to this result and follow suit.

They lose another 200m very quickly and are now 750m back.

Fifth leg - Team UK have their deficit down to 300m, heading left again.

Italians faster upwind and extending back towards 400m.

There's no way back for the British here, unless Luna Rossa make a huge mistake.

Both boats laying from the right, Luna Rossa 450m ahead.

Fourth leg - The Brits have lost ground, now 21 seconds behind.

They are about to split left, but see Luna Rossa already jibing back from the right, so they continue to the right boundary, looking for something different.

The Italian lead extends past 400m.

The Italians round the bottom gate and are still 22 seconds clear.

Third leg - Team UK slice a couple of seconds off the lead at the bottom gate, now 10 seconds back.

They try to split left, but Luna Rossa tack to cover them.

The Brits have reduced the lead to abotu 140m, but they hit the left boundary and tack back to the middle, losing ground in the process.

They are penalised at the boundary, but Ainslie immediately protests and the penalty is cleared.

The lead is over 220m and growing.

The Brits are really working the left of the course, but can't make up any ground, as Luna Rossa simply cover.

Luna Rossa laying for the top gate, rounding the right mark...

Second leg - Luna Rossa hold a 230m lead downwind, both travelling at 41 knots.

Spithill and Bruni are just covering their rivals down the course.

Ainslie is sprinting back and forth across the deck of Britannia, as it jibes downwind. The lead is 170m.

Both boats laying from the right.

First leg - Team UK hit the right boundary first and tack, Luna Rossa have to follow, but they hold a 75m lead.

The Brits immediately tack back to the right and work the right side of the course.

Luna Rossa now holding a 100m lead and this feels oh-so familiar.

Replays of that handling error at the start show Team UK did well to keep their boat in the water. Ainslie did well to stay in the boat.

Luna Rossa arrive at the top gate and round the left mark. Team UK follow 12 seconds back.

Start - Race committee gives the all-clear to race.

Wind has dropped to 12-14 knots.

Luna Rossa will have port entry, Team UK from starboard.

Both boats honking at 43 knots into the start box. The Italians head right and Team UK cover them, almost the reverse of what happened in the first start.

Luna Rossa have hooked their rivals and head to the line first, Team UK have a handling error that costs them the start.

The Italians cross first and head left, but Team UK undercut them and head right.

5:10pm - Team UK have switched out grinders for the second race of the day, all those tacks have taken a toll.

Five minutes until the start.

Prada Cup Final, Race 3

INEOS Team UK v Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli 

Luna Ross win by 13s, lead series 3-0

4:51pm - 17 tacks during the third leg alone, so a real match race. Luna Rossa achieved the top speed of 49.12 knots.

4:45pm - "Obviously we are super happy, probably the first real match race," says Luna Rossa helmsman Francesco Bruni. "We can see the British are not easy to beat."

Finish - Luna Rossa take a 3-0 lead with another victory, finishing 13 seconds ahead.

Not much in that, but again, Team UK never led.

Sixth leg - Team UK whittle another second off the lead, now only 10 seconds down at the top gate.

They almost lost a crew member over the side, but he recovers to cross the deck safely.

The Brits made an error not splitting at the mark and now they are simply following their rivals, with no way to make up ground.

The lead is out over 200m.

Team UK have jibed back from the right boundary and cross about 260m behind, before Luna Rossa jibe to follow.

Fifth leg - Luna Rossa sloppy around that mark and now having to defend a slender lead.

Team UK now own the right side of the course, only 90m behind now.

The British seem to be poised for a move, but they tack back towards the right. At the boundary, they come back and Luna Rossa are covering their every move, defending their 100m lead.

UK actually consistently faster upwind, but they tack away right.

Team UK lay for the top gate first, but they're still 120m behind.

Fourth leg - Team UK now 18 seconds back at the turn - 300m on the water.

Luna Rossa faster downwind, jibing left in the centre of the course. Team UK continue to the right boundary before following.

The Italians now laying for the bottom mark and will take the right mark. GBR have made ground, now only 11 seconds back.

Third leg - The Italian lead is down to six seconds.

Luna Rossa head down the right side of the course, Team Uk down the left. The Brits seem to have the better of this split.

Team UK tack back towards centre and Luna Rossa tack to cover them, Team UK tack left again for clear air.

Prada's lead is back over 120m.

Team UK have tacked to the right again and Luna Rossa cover, now 150m ahead.

Both have tacked to the left and will lay for the gate from the left.

Luna Rossa lay first and Team UK have lost more time.

Second leg - Luna Rossa continue right and Team UK left to create a split. The Italian lead is about 150m.

Both boats travelling at about 43 knots downwind.

Both boats now heading to the right side of the course, the Italians holding a 110m lead.

The Brits jibe back towards the centre of the course. Luna Rossa still leading into the bottom gate, but the British right on their tails.

First leg - Team UK tack first upwind, but Luna Ross follow, holding a 65m lead.

Both boats travelling at 37 knots upwind. Both heading left, but Team UK tack underneath first and Luna Rossa follow.

Still just a 60m lead for Luna Rossa.

Team UK tack left, but Luna Rossa continue right to the layline. The distance is now more than 100m.

Luna Rossa at the top gate, rounding the left mark first, nine seconds clear.

Start - Race committee has given the clearance to start.

Team UK have port entry first and Luna Rossa have already sailed across the start box, counting down to their entry.

The Brits have steamed into the box at 47 knots downwind. They've gone to the right and Luna Rossa have curled back from their starboard entry to follow them.

Luna Rossa turn back to the start first and now have inside running to the line.

Luna Rossa hit the line first, but Team UK have already tacked underneath to head right - the Italians follow.

4:10pm - Shifty winds out on the 'back paddock' of Course E, with commentators expecting Team UK tactician Giles Scott to be a big factor today.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to the second day of racing in the America's Cup challenger final between Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and INEOS Team UK on Auckland's Hauraki Gulf.

After Saturday's opening day, the Italians hold a 2-0 lead in the best-of-13 series, dominating their British rivals from start to finish in both contests and barely raising a sweat.

Team UK fell off their foils in the pre-start of race one and never challenged from that point, but at least held their own in the second start and were still within margin of error at the end.

Under Sir Ben Ainslie, the Brits appeared short of racing, after clinching their Prada Cup final spot three weeks ago in the round robin and watching from the sidelines since.

By contrast, Luna Rossa helmsmen Jimmy Spithill and Francesco Bruni seemed sharp from their whitewash of NYYC American Magic in the elimination series.

For the first time, today's racing will take place on Course E - the furtherest south of all the racetracks - off Maraetai.

Weather forecast predicts 14-16 knot northeasterly winds, with gust over 20 knots, so stronger than yesterday. That may suit Team UK, although Luna Rossa still looked better when the wind picked up on Saturday.

TAB odds: Luna Rossa $1.57, Team UK $2.25

Don't write us off: Team UK boss defiant after early struggles

Team INEOS UK skipper Sir Ben Ainslie is adamant that his crew are still very much in the hunt in the America's Cup challengers final, despite falling into an early hole in their bid to face Emirates Team NZ next month.

On Saturday, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli made surprisingly easy work of the opening day of racing, bolting to a demoralising win in the first race, before claiming a much closer - albeit, still comfortable - victory in the second.

Team UK's struggles in lighter winds have been well documented since they touched down in Auckland and although they went a fair way to dispelling some of those concerns since the world series, their performance in mild conditions on the Hauraki Gulf showed they still have plenty of room for improvement, Sir Ben admits.

"Certainly, in lighter airs, we've got more of a jump to catch up with these guys," says Sir Ben. "That's been the case really for the last six weeks, since we started racing with the world series.

Sir Ben Ainslie in action with Team UK
Sir Ben Ainslie in action with Team UK. Photo credit: Photosport

"I think we've improved a lot in lighter airs, but we still haven’t quite improved enough. We’ve got a lot to focus on in that area.

"When we get out in medium winds, then it's a really close race. It will come down to which team sails the best and that’s absolutely how it should be, and where you want to be as sailors.

"It's great to be up against tough competition. We're not happy to be 2-0 down, but we're going to keep fighting harder.

"We are going to come out, and race harder and push harder, and try to get those races back."

The Olympic great says he's experienced enough to realise America's Cup racing is often a game of inches, where the smallest overlooked details can be the difference between winning and losing - particularly, losing heavily.

"The Italians sailed really well today in both races," he says. "The first race, it was a case of one boat could get out of the water and one couldn't.

"The second race was really close and they just got it slightly better than we did.

"Credit to them, but we've just got to keep pushing - nothing has really changed. We've got to win seven more races, we've got to try get the boat going faster and we've got to sail better."

On the other side of the metaphorical harbour, Luna Rossa co-helmsman Francesco Bruni is equally as composed, insisting his team has plenty of work left in front of them to claim the further five wins to advance to take on the hosts.

While pleased with his crew's efforts, he echoes his adversary's points that both of Saturday's races were decided by errors, of which his team were also making their fair share.

"We can't take anything for granted," Bruni says. "Today we sailed well, but we also did a couple of mistakes and we have to keep focusing on the next race. 

"It's only two points and it’s a long series, the longest series so far. We have to think race by race, day by day.

"The performances of the boats - if you take away the first race that was won at the start - are very close and I think we will see a lot of close racing. Just stay focussed and don’t waste time celebrating."

On Sunday, the teams will take to the water for two more races in conditions that are expected to be much more favourable for the Brits, with a strong easterly brewing.

They'll also shift from Course A to make use of Course E, which is located between Maraetai and Waiheke Island.