Live updates: Birmingham Commonwealth Games, August 2 - Last chance for track cycling medals, business time for basketballers

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Live updates: Birmingham Commonwealth Games, August 2 - Last chance for track cycling medals, business time for basketballers

1:01am - And that's it! New Zealand have secured the women's four bronze at the bowls, with Val Smith drawing shot on the penultimate end to put the margin beyond 10.

That's our first bowls medal at Birmingham, with another bronze playoff tomorrow for Graham Skellern and Mark Noble in the para men's pairs against England.

That's the end of our coverage of this evening session of the Birmingham Games, but join us again at 5am Wednesday, as our women 3X3 basketballers also play for bronze, and para swimmers Jesse Reynolds and Josh Willmer try to build on their success.

12:54am - New Zealand take another shot on the 13th end to lead 16-6 and only two ends remaining...

12:43am - Wow, that's a three on the 12th end, New Zealand now ahead 15-6 and have one hand on the women's four bronze medal at the bowls.

12:33am - The Kiwi women add another two shots to their lead over Fiji, which now stands at 12-6 after 11 ends. It's a long way back from there for the Fijians.

12:23am - New Zealand take another two shots from the 10th end and may just have taken control of their fours bronze-medal match against Fiji, leading 10-6.

While all our attention is on the women's four, Shannon McIlroy has opened his single account with a 21-8 victory his Indian opponent. 

12:20am - New Zealand add another shot and lead Fiji 8-6 after nine ends of a 15-end match at the bowls.

12:11am - Fiji take two shots from the eighth end, but the NZ women's four still lead 7-6 in their quest for a bowls bronze.

12:04am - Bell has put himself into the finals reckoning with a 59.47m throw on his last attempt. That would make him the sixth longest qualifier for the 12-man final so far, so a great response to the pressure.

11:55pm - Bell throws 53.65m with his second throw, so he is well below his best today. He'll need something closer to 60 metres with his last attempt, but so far, no-one has achieved the 65m automatic mark.

The Kiwi four have added another shot to their lead over Fiji, now 7-4 up after seven ends.

11:47pm - The Kiwi four add another shot to their advantage in the sixth end, now leading Fiji 6-4.

Bell is out to 53.77m with his first discus throw, well below what he'll need to reach the final. 

11:35pm - The Kiwi four have swept into the lead with four shots on the fifth end, now ahead of Fiji 5-4 in their quest for a bronze medal at the bowls.

Connor Bell about to begin his discus qualifying competition.

11:29pm - The Kiwi four are on the board with a single on the fourth end against Fiji, now trailling 4-1 in their bronze-medal playoff.

11:13pm - Top three in each heat and next three fastest will progress to semi-finals of the women's 100, and Hobbs has drawn a tough heat, including Nigeria's Grace Nwokocha with 10.97s.

There's a break and it looked like Makenji of Tanzania, so she has been disqualifed. 

Hobbs cruises through in second, behind Nwokocha, who clocks 10.99s. The Kiwi returns 11.09s, which equals her national and Oceania record.

Fiji are now 4-0 ahead of the Kiwi four after three ends at the bowls.

11:08pm - Fiji grab another shot on the second end and lead the Kiwi four 2-0 early.

Zoe Hobbs about to front up for the 100m heats at the track...

10:59pm - Fiji grab the initiative with a shot on the first end to lead New Zealand in the women's four bronze-medal match.

10:45pm -  The NZ women's four have begun their bronze-medal playoff against Fiji at the bowls, still reeling from their dramatic semi-final loss to India last night.

10:32pm - Men's discus qualifying about to start, with Kiwi Conor Bell in Group B. His personal beat of 64.29m would get him through to the final, but he hasn't thrown within three metres of that so far this year.

Bell's group will throw at 11:44pm, with automatic qualifying at 65 metres. At 21, he is the youngest athlete in the field.

10:16pm - Hazel Ouwehand finishes third in her 50m backstroke heat, the third of five. She clocks 29.05s, which should see her through to the semis.

In fact, she is the ninth fastest to progress.

At the judo, Elliott Connolly has been eliminated in the -81kg men's quarter-finals by his Canadian opponent.

10:10pm - Good news from the pool is that Gray has progressed to the 50m freestyle semis with the second-slowest time of the 16 moving forward.

Mitton throws 18.24m at the shot, and joins Thomas-Dodd and Wesche in the final.

10:05pm - Gray is on his blocks at the pool, but finishes fifth in 23.00s and probably won't progress to the semis with that.

Defending champion Danniel Thomas-Dodd has automatically qualified in the shot with 18.42m and Wesche joins her with 18.08m - a satisfactory night's work, but she'll need more in the final. Wesche beat the Jamaican at the recent world championships, but finished behind Canadian Sarah Mitton, who is throwing in the other group.

10:03pm - Women's shot put qualifying has begun, but Wesche is final thrower in Group B. Automatic qualifying is just 18 metres, so she may only need one throw.

9:55pm - Into 50m freestyle heats at the pool, with butterfly bronze medallist Cameron Gray in heat eight.

At the judo, Elliott Connolly has beaten Sri Lankan Pushpakumara in his -81kg round of 16 and progresses to the quarterfinals, where he'll meet Mohab Elnahas of Canada. 

9:46pm - Athletics already underway, with Maddie Wesche in women's shot put qualifying and Zoe Hobbs in 100m heats. 

9:44pm - The women's triple fall 15-11, but will now regroup (with Selina Goddard) for their fours bronze-medal playoff against Fiji in about an hour.

9:39pm - At the bowls, the NZ women's pair of Inch and Goddard have overcome India 18-9 in their competition opener, but the triple still trail 15-10 with time running out.

9:35pm - Jeffcoat enters this event with the seventh fastest time, which suggests he should make the final, but may struggle over this distance. He turns third after the first length...

Still third at halfway, but maybe fading behind Nataraj from India over the third length. Jeffcoat finishes fourth in 2m 03.57s and slower than three from the first heat, so he likely won't progress.

9:27pm - Andrew Jeffcoat is back in action at the pool, with 200m backstroke heats looming. He's in heat two of three...

9:23pm - And that's the ball game, with Australia beating the Black Sticks women 1-0 in pool play. Not a bad result, as long as the Kiwis can overcome winless South Africa in their final pool game.

9:19pm - Scramble in the Aussie goal, but their defenders keep the ball out.

9:13pm - Australia win a penalty corner, after a shot hits the body of a Black Sticks defender, but the ball sprays wide. After returning to full strength, the Aussies have drawn a green card, so another two minutes shorthanded.

The Kiwi women's pair are 13-9 up over India at the bowls, but the triple are 12-9 down.

9:06pm - The Aussies are down a player, after an NZ player is brought down in open field - this is a chance for the Black Sticks to level the score.

9:02pm - As the third quarter expires, Australia hit the post with a shot and still hold a 1-0 lead over the Black Sticks women.

8:56pm - Australia have had a couple of penalty corners in quick succession, but haven't been able to add to their 1-0 lead at the hockey.

At the bowls, India and NZ are locked at 9-9 in the women's pairs, while the Kiwi triple trail 10-8.

8:36pm - Halftime at the hockey, where the Aussie women lead NZ 1-0.

NZ pair are now 8-5 ahead of India at the bowls, while the triple have drawn level 6-6.

8:30pm - Australia take a hopeful shot from outside the circle, hoping to get a deflection, but it finds goal without that touch, so disallowed. AUS 1-0

Meanwhile, the Kiwi bowlers are clawing their way back into their respectively matches against India, with the women's pair of Inch and Goddard now leading 8-4 and the triple closing to 6-4.

8:21pm - Some bad news breaking from the cycling contingent, where mountain biker Anton Cooper has tested positive for COVID-19 and is out of tomorrow's cross-country event, which he won at Glasgow 2014 and finished second at Gold Coast four years ago.

8:14pm - The Kiwi pair have grabbed three shots on the fifth end to level 4-4 with India, but the triple trail the Indians 6-2.

8:09pm - A mistake in the NZ defence has gifted Australia their first penalty corner at the hockey and another error - Jopp blocking a shot with her feet - results in a penalty stroke that's converted, AUS 1-0

8:04pm - The Black Sticks have a penalty corner, but Merry's shot is deflected wide of goal.

8:01pm - NZ and Australia have just begun their hockey showdown, with the Aussies sweeping onto attack and missing an early chance.

Meanwhile, our women's pairs (4-1) and triples (5-1) have fallen further behind their Indian rivals at the bowls. 

7:47pm - The women's pair of Inch and Goddard have fallen 2-1 behind India after two ends, while the triple trail 3-1 against the same nation.

Coming up soon are the Black Sticks women against old rivals Australia, whom they beat for hockey gold at Gold Coast four years ago...

7:29pm - Greetings, if you're joining us this evening, our scheduled begins with bowls, where the women's triples and pairs begin their competition, but the Kiwi women will have their minds on the fours bronze-medal playoff later tonight.

The pair of Katelyn Inch and Selina Goddard are up against India, while the triple of Val Smith, Tayla Bruce and Nicole Toomey face the same Indian players that put them out of fours gold-medal contention last night.

5:24pm - Welcome back to the evening session of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, with New Zealand battling for a bronze medal in the bowls, the Black Sticks women facing a gold-medal rematch from four years ago against Australia, backstroker Andrew Jeffcoat back in the pool after his 50m gold and the first session of athletics.

Here's how the evening session looks...

Maddison-Lee Wesche - women's shot put qualifying

Zoe Hobbs - women's 100m round 1, heat 1

Connor Bell - men's discus qualifying


Katelyn Inch & Selina Goddard v India - women's pairs round 1

Val Smith, Tayla Bruce & Nicole Toomey v India - women's triples round 1

Shannon McIlroy v Mridul Borgohain (India) - men's singles round 1

Val Smith, Tayla Bruce, Selina Goddard & Nicole Toomey v Fiji - women's fours bronze-medal match

Sue Curran/Bronwyn Milne & Gerald Brouwers/Kevin Smith v South Africa - para mixed pairs round 4


NZ v Australia - women's group match

Elliott Connolly v Rajitha Pushpakumara (Sri Lanka) - men's U81kg round of 16


Andrew Jeffcoat - 200m backstroke heat 2

Cameron Gray - 50m freestyle heat 8

Hazel Ouwehand - 50m backstroke heat 3

Silver Ferns face Malawi at Birmingham
Silver Ferns face Malawi at Birmingham. Photo credit: Getty



That's it for our coverage this morning, but we'll be back later tonight, so make sure to join us then. 

Here's a look at what's to come:


7.30pm: Men's pairs medal matches* (Shannon McIlroy, Tony Grantham), women's triples round 1 (Val Smith, Tayla Bruce, Nicole Toomey), women's pairs round 1 (Katelyn Inch, Selina Goddard), women's fours medal matches* (Val Smith, Tayla Bruce, Selina Goddard, Nicole Toomey), men's singles round 1 (Shannon McIlroy), para mixed pairs B2-B3 (Gerald Brouwers, Sue Curran) round 4


8pm: Black Sticks women v Australia, women's pool B


9pm: Men's -81kg preliminary, QF, SF, repechage (Elliott Connolly)


9.30pm: Men's 200m backstroke (Andrew Jeffcoat)

9.42pm: Women's 200m butterfly (Helena Gasson)

9.51pm: Men's 100m butterfly S10 (Jesse Reynolds, Joshua Willmer)

10.04pm: Men's 50m freestyle (Cameron Gray)

10.22pm: Women's 50m backstroke (Helena Gasson, Hazel Ouwehand)


10.35pm: Men's discus qualifying (Connor Bell)

11.15pm: Women's 100m, round 1 (Zoe Hobbs)


11pm: Women's under-57kg, round of 16 (Erin Walsh), men's under-71kg, round of 16 (Wendell Stanley)

9:32am - HOCKEY

That's fulltime, Australia too good for the Black Sticks men.

That's the New Zealand men's first defeat of the Games, to go with a draw and a win.

9:21am - HOCKEY

And a seventh for Australia. Whetton fires towards goal, and Zalewski turns it home.

NZ 2 AUS 7

9:12am - HOCKEY

And Australia restore their four-goal lead. From a penalty corner, the ball is stopped by the keeper, giving Aran Zalewski a tap-in to bring up Australia's sixth.

NZ 2 AUS 6

9:10am - HOCKEY

And the Black Sticks men pull one back. Jacob Smith beats the keeper at the near post as NZ move to within three.

NZ 2 AUS 5

9:00am - HOCKEY

Australia have their fifth. A diving effort from Nathan Ephraums puts the Black Sticks men even further behind.

NZ 1 AUS 5


New Zealand men's pair Brad Fuller and Sam O'Dea have guaratneed their spot in the quarter-finals, defeating Tuvalu 21-14, 21-17.

8:53am - HOCKEY 

The second-half is underway, Australia hold a three goal lead over the Black Sticks men.

NZ 1 AUS 4


New Zealand run Canada close, but have fallen to a 16-11 loss in their semi-final.

They'll face Australia for bronze.

8:43am - HOCKEY

That's halftime. A lot of work for the Black Sticks to do if they're to get something out of this match.


New Zealand's women's side have just begun their 3x3 semi-final, and face Canada for a chance to advance to the final.

8:35am - HOCKEY

Another goal for Australia, and this time it's Jake Whetton on hand to fire past the keeper. Long way back for the Black Sticks men from here.

NZ 1 AUS 4

8:30am - HOCKEY

Make that 3-1 Australia. Another penalty corner, and another goal, and is it Govers again? It is.

NZ 1 AUS 3

8:26am - HOCKEY

Australia respond, and take a 2-1 lead from a penalty corner! Blake Govers fires home to restore the one-goal lead.

NZ 1 AUS 2

8:25am - NETBALL

Grace Nweke has more than 50 of the Silver Ferns goals! The final seconds tick away, and the Silver Ferns take it! They scored 36 goals in the second half to pull away from Malawi.

That's three wins from three for Dame Noeline Taurua's side!

NZ 69 MAL 50

8:23am - HOCKEY

Hugo Inglis levels for the Black Sticks men! He taps in from close range and Australia's lead is gone!

NZ 1 AUS 1

8:20am - NETBALL

The Silver Ferns are flirting with a 20-goal lead, but can't seem to get past 19.

NZ 66 MAL 47

8:19am - HOCKEY

That's the end of the first quarter. Australia lead 1-0 courtesy of a goalkeeping shocker.

8:10am - NETBALL

The fourth and final quarter is underway, the Silver Ferns' lead has been pushed out to 14 goals.

NZ 56 MAL 41

8:07am - SWIMMING

If you're just catching up, read about Andrew Jeffcoat's gold medal heroics here.

8:06am - HOCKEY

The Black Sticks men have begun their pool match against Australia, scoreless so far.

8:04am - NETBALL

That's the end of the third quarter. The Silver Ferns lead 51-39 heading into the last spell.

8:02am - NETBALL

The 50 is up for the Ferns, and the lead is now 13 as the third quarter winds down.

NZ 50 MAL 37

8:00am - NETBALL

The Kiwi lead is now out to 13 goals, as Nweke lands another.

NZ 48 MAL 35

7:53am - NETBALL

The Silver Ferns have flown out of the blocks in the third quarter! The lead has been pushed out to a huge 11 goals!

NZ 41 MAL 30

7:48am - SWIMMING

NZ's morning in the pool isn't over yet! Helena Gasson is next up in the 50m butterfly final.

She can't add to the haul though, and finishes in seventh place.

Australia's Emma McKeon takes home gold.

7:48am - NETBALL

The second half is underway, can the Silver Ferns show their quality?

7:45am - SWIMMING

Jeffcoat's 24.65s is a new national record for New Zealand as well!

7:44am - SWIMMING

And they're off! Jeffcoat starts strong, but how can he finish! He wins!

Jeffcoat beats Coetze and claims gold! Canada's Javier Acevedo takes bronze to complete the podium.

7:42am - SWIMMING

Pieter Coetze of South Africa is the favourite to take gold.

7:40am - SWIMMING

Jeffcoat is in lane five, as he looks to build on what's already been a phenomenal Games in the pool for New Zealand.

7:37am - SWIMMING

We're a couple of minutes delayed at the pool, but Andrew Jeffcoat is preparing to swim in the men's 50m backstroke final.

7:36am - NETBALL

The lead is now six approaching halftime. Selby-Rickit misses the chance to make it seven.

Karaka gives away contact in the circle, and Malawi score to end the first half.

NZ 33 MAL 28

7:33am - NETBALL

Selby-Rickit nails one from long range, and pushes the lead to four goals. She has the chance to then push it out to five, and does!

NZ 30 MAL 25

7:27am - NETBALL

The Silver Ferns' lead is pushed out to four goals, but Malawi continue to make life tough.

NZ 24 MAL 20

7:23am - NETBALL

Selby-Rickit lands two goals in succession, and restores NZ's two-goal lead. Nweke lands another, and now it's a three-goal advantage!

NZ 20 MAL 17

7:22am - NETBALL

Malawi aren't going away, and have levelled the scores in the second quarter!

NZ 17 MAL 17

7:19am - NETBALL

We're about to get underway in the second quarter. Kate Heffernan has come on at centre for the Ferns.


Signal is back for her third attempt, now at 112kg.

It's no good though. A huge effort from the Kiwi, but she'll finish outside the medals.

7:16am - NETBALL

The first quarter comes to an end, and the Ferns hold a two goal lead. Malawi are giving them a real scrap.

NZ 15 MAL 13


Signal is currently in contention for bronze. She's going to attempt 111kg on the clean and jerk.

It's no good though, so it'll come down to the final lift.

7:13am - NETBALL

Malawi are matching the Silver Ferns at the moment. No side has been able to pull away just yet.

Nweke scores to put the Ferns ahead by two.

NZ 13 MAL 11

7:08am - NETBALL

Nweke is called for contact in the circle. Malawi will have the chance to level the score at the other end.

But Kelly Jury does brilliantly to intercept, and sends the ball downcourt before Crampton sets up Nweke for another.

NZ 8 MAL 6

7:05am - NETBALL

Nweke and Wilson have been flawless in the circle so far.

The Silver Ferns lead a third of the way through the first quarter.

NZ 6 MAL 4


Signal is up again, this time with the clean and jerk of 108kg for her first attempt.

And she has no issue! Great lift!

That moves her into second overall, but there's still a way to go.

7:00am - NETBALL

And we're underway, Malawi have first use of the ball.

Johnson is called for obstruction, and Malawi score the opener.

NZ 0 MAL 1

6:51am - NETBALL

Here's how the Silver Ferns line up:

GS: Grace Nweke, GA: Maia Wilson, WA: Gina Crampton (c), C: Whitney Souness, WD: Kayla Johnson, GD: Sulu Fitzpatrick, GK: Kelly Jury

Reserves: Phoenix Karaka, Shannon Saunders, Bailey Mes, Te Paea Selby-Rickit, Kate Heffernan

6:44am - NETBALL

The Silver Ferns are about to get underway against Malawi in their third match of the tournament. Dame Noeline Taurua's side have already beaten Northern Ireland and Uganda so far.

But Malawi are the side that earned a famous 57-53 win over the Ferns on the Gold Coast.

Can they do the same again? 


Polly and Zeimann were down 5-1 in their second set, but have roared back to take it 21-13 and win their second match of the tournament.


Signal is back, and will attempt a 92kg snatch next up.

It's no good though.


Kiwi women's duo Shaunna Polley and Alice Zeimann have taken the first set 21-10 in their Pool A preliminary against Ghana.


Megan Signal fails her first attempt at 88kg, but nails it with her second!


If you're just joining us now, here's a wrap of another golden day on the track.

5:58am - SQUASH

Overnight, Kiwi Joelle King advanced to the semi-finals of the women's tournament, made to work by Englabd's Lucy Turmel.

Paul Coll on the other hand had an easier time of it, advancing to the semis by beating England's Adran Waller.


Megan Signal is about to get underway, lifting in the women's 71kg+ category.


Gate does fantastically to get his teammate over the line - and it's a Kiwi one-two finish!

Gate takes gold, and Stewart has silver!

That takes the Kiwi haul from the velodrome to 13 medals at these Games.


Gate is all but guaranteed gold from here, but can Stewart snatch silver?

He trails Oli Wood of England by just one point heading into the final laps!


Aaron Gate is currently out in front of the men's 40km points race, with compatriot Campbell Stewart in third place.

If he can get home, it would be a third gold medal of the Games for Gate as well!


Good morning! What news to wake up to, as Ellesse Andrews has claimed her third gold medal of the Games, taking out the women's keirin. 

And that's not all, as Michaela Drummond has taken out silver in the women's 10km scratch race.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games - day 5 in New Zealand, but still the evening of day 4 in England.

So far, New Zealand have performed superbly, with 19 medals, including 10 gold, with more in prospect over the next 24 hours.

This morning will see the last session of competition at Lee Valley VeloPark, which has proved a happy hunting ground for our track cyclists.

They have one last chance to add to their tally, with Ellesse Andrews seeking her third gold of the Games, when she contests the women's keirin - the event where she won silver at the Tokyo Olympics.

Aaron Gate will also chase his third gold medal in the men's 40km points race, which features a strong Kiwi contingent of Corbin Strong and Campbell Stewart, also winners at the velodrome this week.

In the pool, Andrew Jeffcoat is a royal medal chance in the 50m backstroke, after narrowly missing the podium over 100m. The Silver Ferns take on Malawi, who beat them for the first time at this tournament four years ago.

After topping their pool, the NZ women will contest the 3X3 semi-finals, while the men need to overcome Canada to win their way to the final four.

Here's how the morning is shaping up...

Artistic Gymnastics
Ethan Dick - men's pommel horse final

Basketball 3x3
NZ v Canada - men's quarter-finals

NZ - men's semi-finals

NZ - women's semi-finals

Beach Volleyball
Shaunna Polley & Alice Zeimann v Ghana - women's group match

Brad Fuller & Sam O'Dea v Tuvalu - men's group match

Sue Curran/Bronwyn Milne & Gerald Brouwers/Kevin Smith v Wales - para mixed pairs round 3

Erin Walsh v Elizabeth Oshoba (Nigeria) - women's featherweight round of 16

Wendell Stanley v Thabiso Dlamini (Swaziland) - men's light-middleweight round of 16


Ellesse Andrews - women's kierin round 1

Olivia King - women's keirin round 1

Corbin Strong - men's 40km points race qualifying

Campbell Stewart - men's 40km points race qualifying

Aaron Gate - men's 40km points race qualifying

Ellesse Andrews - women's kierin repechage

Olivia King - women's keirin repechage

Nicholas Kergozou del Boessiere - men's kilo time trial final

Ellesse Andrews - women's kierin round 2

Olivia King - women's keirin round 2

Brony BOtha - women's 10km scratch race final

Michaela Drummond - women's 10km scratch race final

Emily Sherman - women's 10km scratch race final

Ellesse Andrews - women's kierin finals

Olivia King - women's keirin finals

Corbin Strong - men's 40km points race final

Campbell Stewart - men's 40km points race final

Aaron Gate - men's 40km points race final

NZ v Australia - men's group match

Qona Christie - women's U57kg medal contests

NZ v Malawi 


Andrew Jeffcoat - 50m backstroke final

Helena Gasson - women's 50m butterfly final 

Emma McIntyre - women's 64kg

Megan Signal - women's 71kg