Jacinda Ardern reveals Labour's new campaign slogan: 'Let's do this'

New leader, new slogan.

Jacinda Ardern has unveiled the catchphrase Labour will be taking into the election: 'Let's do this.'

It replaces 'A fresh approach', which had been widely regarded as bland and uninspiring.

"It's not just about the next seven weeks - it's about what we can do if we are in a position to make change," she told media on Friday afternoon.

"I'm excited by this campaign and by what's possible - so let's do this."

Ditching the old slogan was one of Ms Ardern's first promises on becoming leader.

"Fresh approach is gone," Ms Ardern said earlier this week.

Newshub on Thursday predicted 'Let's do this' would be the new slogan.

Ms Ardern confirmed she would be the only face appearing on the party's new billboards - but deputy leader Kelvin Davis isn't jealous.

"I've got the easiest job in politics - I just need to kick back and bask in the glow of the Jacinda effect."

The new billboards will be paid for out of the more-than $300,000 that has rolled in since Ms Ardern became leader earlier this week.

It's the second big Friday afternoon announcement from the left bloc. An hour earlier, Greens co-leader Metiria Turei said she wouldn't be seeking a ministerial role, should they form the next Government with Labour.

Ms Ardern said new policies from Labour would come in the next week - infrastructure on Sunday and environment on Wednesday. In the meantime, Labour will focus on the what she calls the main issues facing New Zealanders.

"Housing, health education - these are issues that didn't come from nowhere. They came from voters, they came from the public."

Ms Ardern said she will also be hosting Facebook Live sessions once a week to reach young voters.