'Let's Do This': Labour's new campaign slogan?

Labour's fresh new leader has promised a fresh new campaign slogan. Could it be 'let's do this?' 

First off the bat, this is purely speculative, but the slogan has popped up everywhere.

Here's why we think 'Let's do this' could be Labour's new slogan.

1. The video.

Someone at the Labour Party whipped up a new video featuring a montage of Ardern's busy media appearances as leader to a stirring rapid drum beat. You can watch that video in the player above.

The video montage ends on a simple image: 'Let's do this' in white text against a Labour Party-red background.

'Let's do this.'
'Let's do this.' Photo credit: The Labour Party/Screengrab

The video has been shared more than 200 times from the original post.

For comparison, the National Party's 'Delivering for New Zealanders' video, posted two weeks ago, has 31 shares. 

2. Party members are repeating the phrase on their social media.

'Let's do this' is all over the party's social media feeds, with politicians sharing the video along with the hashtag: #Letsdothis

Facebook posts from Labour Party politicians.
Facebook posts from Labour Party politicians. Photo credit: Facebook

3. Ardern hasn't ruled it out.

When asked whether 'Let's do this' is the new slogan, Ms Ardern said no decisions have been made on that front yet but she is "not ruling anything out right now, other than 'fresh approach.'"

So she hasn't ruled it in, but she certainly hasn't ruled it out.

If Party stalwarts can get over that awkward thing with the missing apostrophe - #let'sdothis would be more grammatically accurate but doesn't work as a hashtag - then this could well be the party's fresh approach.