Skypath will be 'incredibly popular' - Auckland Mayor Phil Goff

  • 26/08/2017

Auckland's Mayor expects Labour's plans to fund the Skypath will go down well with voters in the city.

The party announced on Friday it would put $30 million toward the project, which will see a cycling and pedestrian lane clipped onto the Harbour Bridge.

Phil Goff - a former Labour leader - says the Skypath is a critical piece of infrastructure.

"It for the first time ever connects the North Shore of Auckland to the isthmus of Auckland, so people can cycle and walk between the Shore and the CBD. That would take a lot of pressure off our roads. I think it would be incredibly popular."

Mr Goff says he's looking forward to negotiating with whoever forms the next Government to help meet the $6 billion deficit in infrastructure spending the city will accrue over the next decade.

"That's a long way from talking about tens of millions of dollars."

The Skypath got the green light from Auckland Council in 2016, despite opposition from North Shore locals who feared there would be "human crushes" due to overcrowding.

"The roads and access in Northcote Point were not designed to handle these numbers, just as the roads in Mecca were not designed to handle this year's Hajj," the Northcote Residents Association claimed.

The current plan is to build the Skypath as a public-private partnership.