The Opportunities Party vows to keep Māori seats

  • 20/08/2017

The Opportunities Party has issued a single, firm bottom line to any party wanting to negotiate with it for a coalition.

The party, which is currently polling at 2 percent, below the threshold to enter Parliament, says anyone who needs its help to form a Government needs to follow one rule.

Māori seats have to stay, leader Gareth Morgan announced on Sunday.

Dr Morgan also announced his party wouldn't be contesting any Māori electorates, but there are some Māori candidates in the party who will contest the general electorates.

"History has shown us that when mainstream parties have Māori electorate MPs, they are at best neutralised as effective advocates for Māori, or, at worst, manipulated to serve the self-interest of established political groups," Dr Morgan said.

The announcement comes after New Zealand First's Winston Peters vowed one of his party's bottom lines was to hold a binding referendum on whether to abolish Māori seats.

NZ First is currently polling at 9.2 percent, making it the third biggest political party and likely to be the decider when it comes to who will form a Government after the election.