Ardern wants to lead Labour for at least three elections

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says she wants to be in the driver's seat for Labour for the next 10 years. 

"You never want to be arrogant enough to say that people are going to want to keep you on board for that long but definitely I'm in for the long haul," she told Newshub's Jenna Lynch in a Facebook Live interview.

"Particularly around child poverty we're setting ourselves some pretty ambitious goals. I want to be able to see that through and I want to see those kids actually being that generation that aren't held back by the start they've had in life. So some of that requires you to be in the driver's seat for a while."

Ms Ardern said whether she's Prime Minister or Opposition leader, she's committing to sticking around for the next three elections - if she has the support of her party.

"I have always said the moment that it's clear that someone else actually could be doing the job better than me and that I'm just not succeeding any more I'm going to know that point."

Ms Ardern says she has faith that the Greens will make it back into Parliament after the election, but she won't be helping them out with an electorate deal. 

"Our campaign is our campaign and theirs is theirs. We've got an MOU, people know we'll work together and the polls I've seen tell me they're going to be okay," she said.

The most recent Newshub Reid Research poll had the Greens on 4.9 percent, a result that would see them shown out of Parliament. 

Ms Ardern said the Greens were the ones who ruled out an electorate deal, not Labour. However, she wouldn't be pushing the party to do any deals in electorates like Wellington Central or Maungakiekie to help them get back into Parliament.

"I have every faith that the Greens as a strong party will be there."

Ms Ardern spoke about how she was caught off guard when previous Labour leader Andrew Little resigned, throwing her into the top role later that day.

"I thought that we'd got a rough poll, that he was going to have a think about it and certainly as the week progressed he seemed to move away from the idea," she said.

"Right up until that Tuesday morning [when he resigned] I thought that we were trucking on." 

Ms Ardern said she prefers Taylor Swift to Katy Perry and likes her new 'revenge' song 'Look What You Made Me Do'.

Referring to Lorde's friendship with the US star, she said, "Good enough for Lorde, good enough for me."  

She revealed that she avoids a particular Bunnings Warehouse store in Auckland because it was built on land where she wanted to see apartments - but her partner Clark Gayford still goes there.

The Labour leader also spoke about being showered with gifts on the campaign trail including salami from Blackball that she accidentally left in a hotel fridge, lots of earrings, and plenty of face cream. 

"I don't know if they're trying to say something, it's very kind."

Her music of choice for a karaoke session is anything by Aerosmith. 

Watch the video to see the full interview.