Clarke Gayford looking forward to being 'First Ladyman'

Clarke Gayford is nervous about how he might handle being the Prime Minister's other half.

In just seven weeks, his partner Jacinda Ardern has saved Labour from perhaps its worst election result in decades, and bookies have her as a 50-50 chance of forming the next Government.

She'd long denied wanting the top job, and the suddenness of it all has Mr Gayford wondering what his official role might be.

"First ladyman? Who knows," he told The AM Show on Friday.

"Aiming for Michelle Obama, probably gonna be a little bit closer to Prince Philip."

Ms Ardern pitched in with the suggestion "support partner". But first she has to form a Government, which could be tricky - based on Newshub's latest poll, she'd need both Winston Peters and the Greens to get along.

She said Labour's internal polling puts her party in a slightly better position - only a couple of points behind National, and perhaps only needing the Greens, or the Greens and Maori Party, to get across the line.

"It's all going to come down to whether people show up and vote."

The polls have swung wildly in the last couple of weeks of the campaign, as National launched a series of attack ads focused on Labour's vague tax policy. Ms Ardern initially said Labour would implement tax changes recommended by its working group before the next election in 2020, but last week flip-flopped and said she would give Kiwis a chance to vote them out if they didn't like what Labour was proposing.

But she told host Duncan Garner she had no regrets about the switch.

"There was a point where I had to listen, but I don't regret listening. That's what leadership's about."

Ms Ardern has emphasised her positivity over her seven weeks in charge of Labour. She says she hopes to maintain that attitude in Opposition, if National wins a fourth term.

"I'm pretty committed to doing politics a bit differently and actually demonstrating you can pitch positive ideas from Opposition is part of that.

"You've got to hold the Government to account, don't get me wrong - there will be times when I just push back really hard. I've got to, that's my job."

Friday is the last day voters can both enrol and vote. On Saturday, only voting is allowed. Polling booths close at 7pm.