Could the Greens wrest Nelson from Nick Smith?

  • 18/09/2017
Matt Lawrey.
Matt Lawrey. Photo credit: Supplied

The at-risk Green Party may have found a lifeboat in its Nelson candidate.

A ring-around poll by the party in the electorate suggests National's Nick Smith is at risk of losing his seat to both the Labour and Green candidates.

Greens hopeful Matt Lawrey says there's a mood for change in sunny Nelson.

"I am stopped in the streets on a daily basis by people who tell me that they're Labour Party supporters or they're National Party supporters, but they think that after 27 years of being an MP, it's time for Nick Smith to have a well-earned break."

The poll puts Mr Lawrey just under 7 percent behind Dr Smith.

"More and more people seem to be understanding if they want progressive, environmentally friendly Labour-Green Government, the best thing they can do is party vote Green."

The problem is the poll was conducted via automated calling, meaning the respondents are self-selected and the result is not scientific. Dr Smith won the electorate by several thousand votes in 2014.

Around 23 percent of the respondents were undecided, and Mr Lawrey says the last five days will be crucial.

"Everything's still out there to play for."

The Greens are battling to stay in Parliament, with polling putting them between 4.9 and 7 percent. They need 5 percent - or an electorate - to stay.

Mr Lawrey is 18th on the Green list, meaning he'll most likely need to win an electorate to make it into Parliament.