David Seymour rues 'bittersweet' election result

Last night's election result left National without two of its coalition partners - United Future and the Māori Party.

However, in ACT Party leader David Seymour, it still has one buddy left in parliament.

ACT received just 0.5 percent of party votes, but Mr Seymour managed to hold on to his Epsom seat, beating National's Paul Goldsmith by almost 4800 votes.

He told The Nation that the result was bittersweet.

"I look forward to serving the people of Epsom. I'm obviously very disappointed for all of my friends, all of my fellow ACT Party members - the party vote didn't step up for us."

Mr Seymour had previously estimated ACT would reach 5 percent of the vote.

"What was I thinking? I was thinking, actually, we ran a very strong campaign and we thought, on the basis of that, we'd increase our party vote.

"On the night, the tide went out on smaller parties and it didn't matter how strong a swimmer you were."

Mr Seymour pointed to other minor parties that didn't gain a seat and claimed ACT's outcome as a comparative win.

Looking at votes, David Seymour received 13,325 votes in his Epsom electorate, but ACT Party only won 10,959 party votes throughout New Zealand.

He doesn't expect to be included in any forthcoming coalition government.

"ACT has kept New Zealand First out of government by forming a coalition with National for the last three elections. I expect they'll try and do the same to us."

"You've now got a guy who's been voted out of three electorates, who's been sacked from three cabinets, hasn't taken the hint and now holds the balance of power."

Mr Seymour is looking ahead to his euthanasia bill and putting a valuable proposition to New Zealanders in 2020.