Decision 17: Who won the Leaders Debate?

  • 05/09/2017

Who won Newshub's Leaders Debate?

The public have had their say - and the decision is close.

Many people felt National Party leader Bill English had gained the upper hand over Labour leader Jacinda Ardern.

"I think the Prime Minister won, I just think he has better ideas, kindest policies - Jacinda's all about values and things, but no facts or figures," one person told Newshub.

A swing voter said the debate had convinced him to switch back from Labour to National.

"She's trying to please everybody too much," he said.

But Ms Ardern still has her supporters.

"I think Jacinda, very much so. [She] just seem to control and have better answers and was quite direct and just seemed to tell the truth," one woman said.

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