Greens announce zero-suicide approach in multi-million dollar policy

The Green Party wants New Zealand's health system to adopt a zero-suicide approach.

It's part of a $260m youth mental health package announced today, alongside bereaved families.

Family members of those lost to suicide pleaded on Monday with politicians across the spectrum about the need for a system-wide overhaul.

These people all have a common mission - to put suicide front and centre at the coming election.

Maria Dillon said her son had a huge amount to offer, "and all of that potential is now buried with him. He could have been anyone's son. He could have been your son".

Another woman said, "don't just sit there and write on your bits of paper. Bloody well do something".

National's Chris Finlayson was a last-minute addition after Bill English was challenged on the AM Show this morning.

In a co-ordinated move, the Green Party later unveiled its youth mental health policy, which calls for the health system to shift to a zero-suicides philosophy.

Co-leader of the Greens, James Shaw, said it would "actually re-organise the way we do things, and the way that we resource things because at the moment we are just not ambitious enough".

The Greens' million-dollar policy would also increase the number of trained counsellors in schools, and fund free sessions for those under 25.

Mental health advocate Ruby Bathan said not being able to afford help was a huge issue, with people "really wanting it and not being able to receive it. So I think that's amazing".

National's Health Spokesman Jonathan Coleman says even one suicide is too many, and that the Government announced a $224m mental package in this year's budget.