Greens out of Parliament on latest Newshub poll

The Green Party has been in every Parliament since 1999, but unless the party can turn Newshub's latest poll result around, this year its streak could end.

The latest Newshub-Reid Research poll has the Greens on 4.9 percent, just below the 5 percent threshold required to enter Parliament without the security of an electoral seat win.

The Green Party typically does slightly better in Newshub polls compared to its election-day result.

Greens out of Parliament on latest Newshub poll
Photo credit: Newshub.

The result isn't just devastating for the Greens.

Without the Greens, on this poll, Labour wouldn't have the numbers to form a coalition Government with New Zealand First and the Māori Party.

National would have a majority of 61 seats in a 121-seat Parliament on this polling.

Greens out of Parliament on latest Newshub poll
Photo credit: Newshub.

In the lead-up to the election, the Greens have struggled to deal with both internal and external challenges.

Inside the party, Metiria Turei's admission of benefit fraud saw two senior MPs quit their list positions in protest. Ms Turei then stood down from co-leadership herself, followed by two senior staffers.

Outside the party, the Greens have struggled to adapt to the changing Labour leadership.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has emphasised a focus on child poverty and climate change - two core Green values. As Labour has climbed in the polls, the Greens have slid.

In August, after just one week in leadership, Ms Ardern increased Labour's vote by 9 points to 33.1 percent. It grew again to 39.4 percent on September 3. It's now down slightly to 37.8 percent.

The poll has a margin of error of 3.1 percent and was conducted from 6th to 11th September.