'Jacinda, do it for all of us' - Jeremy Corbyn

  • 07/09/2017
'Jacinda, do it for all of us' - Jeremy Corbyn
Photo credit: Getty

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has endorsed Jacinda Ardern in her election campaign, in new footage emerged online.

"Jacinda, all the best in the election, make sure you do it. For all of us," Mr Corbyn says in the video, posted by TV presenter Jack Tame this morning.

The UK Labour Party beat odds himself earlier this year to gain 30 seats in a snap election - the highest percentage of seats the party has held since 2001.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May called the snap election confident of increasing her Conservative Party's majority to strengthen her hand in the Brexit talks, only to lose 13 seats and the majority.

Jacinda Ardern's own Labour Party's popularity also appears to be increasing, according to the latest polls. The Newhub-Reid research poll shows the gap between National and Labour is the closest it's been in a decade.

New Zealand has close ties with Britain, with Queen Elizabeth II still the country's official head of state.