Metiria Turei joins other New Zealanders sharing beneficiary judgement stories

  • 08/09/2017
Metiria Turei joins other New Zealanders sharing beneficiary judgement stories
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Former Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has joined one hundred other New Zealanders who have shared their troubles  around the beneficiary system.

Twitter account @WeAreBeneficiaries shares the stories of Kiwis who have struggled with the Work and Income system, which helps those who cannot work or don't earn enough to support their families.

Ms Turei stepped down from her role as an MP and Green Party leader after her admission of benefit fraud put her family under "extreme scrutiny".

After being heavily condemned for sharing her story publicly, she is now standing with 100 other people doing the same.

"I talked about how I lied to WINZ 23 years ago when I was a single mum with a little baby," the post shared by @WeAreBeneficiaries on Ms Turei's behalf reads.

"I talked about what beneficiary life is really like so we could choose to make it better.

"I was named a criminal, a cheat, a thief, a bludger, a 'self confessed benefit fraudster'.

"So be it. There are the judgemental and the judged. I stand with the judged."

The Twitter page has also shared the story of a pregnant woman battling with cancer who had her benefit cut when she couldn't make an appointment, due to a hospitalisation. It also shares the stories of the children of beneficiaries and those who felt embarrassed to ask for help.

However, the page also shares the good experiences New Zealanders have had with the welfare system.

Following her resignation, Mr Turei told followers she was "still fighting for this country and our people" and she was "not going anywhere".