Newshub poll: New Zealanders want to see the Greens in Parliament

More New Zealanders would prefer to see the Greens stay in Parliament than have them turfed out, the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll has found.

The latest Newshub poll had the Greens safe on 7.1 percent.

It's an upward trend on the previous poll, which had the Greens on 4.9 percent, just below the 5 percent threshold needed to enter Parliament. The party had fallen in popularity with Labour's change in leadership and the loss of one of the Greens' own leaders, Metiria Turei.

During Newshub's latest poll, those surveyed were asked whether they would be sad or happy if the Greens didn't reach the 5 percent threshold required to enter Parliament.

The majority - 45 percent - said they would be sad. Thirty-five percent would be happy to see the Greens outside Parliament and 20 percent didn't know.

Newshub poll: New Zealanders want to see the Greens in Parliament
Photo credit: Newshub.

While it is difficult too attribute the Greens' bouce back to one particular factor, an unwillingness to see the party lost to Parliament may have contributed to its partial bounce-back.

The party has been pitching hard at likely voters, visiting universities, emphasising its environmental policies and pulling pints at Wellington Central's Havana Bar.

In the 2014 election, the Greens took a party vote of 10.7 percent.