Voting almost over in New Zealand's 'monster' election

  • 23/09/2017

There's now less than an hour to go before polling in the 2017 General Election closes.

After one of the most exciting races in years, voters around the country have taken advantage of pleasant weather to have their say on who will govern.

Unprecedented numbers voted early - but special votes to be counted within two weeks could be crucial.

It's all over for the politicians. Soon it will be down to the will of the people.

A man dressed in a monster suit from last night's Wearable Arts Awards in Wellington hit the polling booths on Saturday.

It took him a while - but his vote too will count.

"I used my big claw here to point where I wanted my ticks and [someone else] ticked them for me," he told Newshub.

A monster isn't out of place in this election, which has dished out all of excitement and terror of a horror movie. Three party leaders were even axed before the credits rolled.

One voter told Newshub they couldn't decide "until they had the orange pen in [their] hand.

"I don't know how I feel... I feel a bit weird."

Advanced votes should be fairly close to the overall result on the night tonight but past elections show special votes tend to be weighted towards people who are young and out of the electorates - so that could shift things in a certain direction.

It could be an exciting night, but until the special votes are in, an inconclusive one.