Winston Peters - Reviewing the memes

OPINION: There is a lot of frustrated energy flying around at the moment.

It feels like Winston Peters is occupying the emotional and mental energies of approximately 200 percent of New Zealand's populace. 

For some that has been channelled into fierce and potentially futile discussion over what drives Winston Peters: thinkpieces, Tweetstorms, Facebook posts pontificating on what the hand of the monarch really wants.

For others, that emotional turmoil is being channelled into more productive output: memes.

Here are some of my top picks, ranked from best to... least best.

1. The cross-stitch

There is no way of telling when this work of art was created. It is timeless, accurate and beautifully executed. 

Great work.

Rating: 12/10

2. The iconic and ironic 

This meme is enjoyable for the use of basic Microsoft tools. Long live Wordart and the power of Microsoft Paint.

Points for insightful comment on the political situation, too.

ACT has been a long-term cosy support partner of National, but leader David Seymour is likely to find himself on the Opposition benches this time around.

That's because Mr Peters has made it clear he does not want to work with Mr Seymour. Mr Seymour knows it, telling Fairfax "ACT has kept New Zealand First out of Government three times, and we won't be surprised if they try and do the same thing to us."

Rating: 7/10

3. The weed meme

I'm not gonna lie. It took me ages to get this one (clue: that's a tinnie). Also I've never heard of elf on a shelf - huge assumption.

It's funny, but it's not a comment on the careful game-playing that's happening at the moment, or the very weird position in which we've found ourselves whereby a man voted in by 7 percent of voters will decide the next government. 

Rating: 4/10 

4. The 'distracted boyfriend'

The basic structure of this meme has got to be one of the most popular on the internet right now, and it works particularly well in politics. 

But I feel like it's the wrong way around. Labour and the Greens should be arm in arm while Labour looks yearningly at NZ First.  Also Bill English looks like he's been chewing on a pen?

It's a meme for almost every occasion.
It's a meme for almost every occasion. Photo credit: Tahkyn/Reddit

Rating: 4/10 

5. Honourable mention: Movie poster memes.

Great work, people of the internet.

'Kingmaker' Photo credit: 1001reasons/Reddit
'Winston in the middle'
'Winston in the middle' Photo credit: Scattering-Largess/Reddit

This last one is particularly good in light of the remarkably polite words uttered by party leaders whenever Winston Peters is mentioned at the moment.