Golriz Ghahraman NZ's first refugee MP in Parliament

New Zealand's official election results have seen the country's first-ever refugee elected to Parliament.

Election night results had Golriz Ghahraman just missing out on a seat, but the tally of the special votes has seen her given a seat at Parliament.

Ms Ghahraman has a lot to celebrate - she's making history. When she's sworn in as an MP, she'll be New Zealand's first refugee to do so.

The Green MP is a human rights lawyer by trade and has an impressive record, taking on war criminals from Cambodia and Yugoslavia at The Hague. 

"My childhood was marred by war and repression and my parents weren't willing to raise a little girl in those conditions so they escaped," Ms Ghahraman told media.

"That place was Iran, which had been gripped by Revolution and taken over by a repressive regime that targeted minorities."

Her family arrived in New Zealand when she was nine. Her parents had nothing.

"They never would have dreamt that I could then enter a Government in our new home, which is here, so they are very proud," she says.

"A nine-year-old refugee girl can grow up in this country to enter our House of Representatives."

A new female Green co-leader will be elected at the party's AGM in 2018, but Ms Ghahraman says she's "not at all" interested in the position. 

The Green Party now has eight MPs. Six of them are women.

Ms Ghahraman says that's "what meritocracy looks like".

It's an historic moment for the country and, for the first time in a while, some post-Metiria happiness for the Greens.