NZ First president: 'We're ready to go at moment's notice'

Winston Peters, leader of NZ First.
Winston Peters, leader of NZ First. Photo credit: Newshub.

New Zealand First president Brent Catchpole says the party's board of directors is on "standby" and "ready to go at a moment's notice" to meet and decide the next government.

However, he says that possibly won't be until Monday because of travel logistics and his board members being granted leave from their day jobs.



"We're ready to go at a moment's notice. Obviously, it would require everyone getting together and that's a bit of a logistics issue because they're from all over the country," says Mr Catchpole.

"It's a possibility it won't be until Monday because people will have to take a day off work and notify their bosses. As soon as we get the word, it'll be put into motion," he says.

Mr Catchpole says a teleconference isn't the preferred option.

"My experience of having all the detail and being able to be put in front of us is pretty hard to do over a teleconference," he says.

The Green Party favours a teleconference, which includes dialling in 150 delegates from all corners of the country at very short notice.

"Logistics is the biggest problem all round. We're ready to go, we're on standby, but until we know when things, it's going to be hard to get things lined up," says Mr Catchpole.

Board Secrecy

Mr Catchpole is defending the party's refusal to identify the members of its board, despite saying it's the most democratic and transparent party in the country.

"I won't disclose those details because they are members of the party, they are not politicians, they're not MPs, and our membership is strictly confidential," he says.

The boards of all other parties aren't secret, with National publishing its board in its conference agenda every year.

"That's their choice, but we respect the confidentiality of our board members."

The level of secrecy is new for New Zealand First, which has previously published details of its board when it changes.

A 2013 board email sent out by NZ First.
A 2013 board email sent out by NZ First. Photo credit: Newshub.

"Look, we're just saying we respect their confidentiality, because some have said they don't want their names out there."