Patrick Gower: A true Government of change

OPINION: Change.

That is the word that sums up the new Government.

Change - complete change.

The new Government will totally change New Zealand's politics and its economy.

It will be truly revolutionary and transformative in so many ways.

Start with Jacinda Ardern, a 37-year-old Prime Minister, with Winston Peters, a 72-year-old potential deputy.

Then there is the three-way Government involving Labour, the Greens and New Zealand First unique in New Zealand's political history.

But most significantly there will massive change in policy and to the way New Zealand's economy is managed.

Winston Peters set the tone by saying that Kiwis view capitalism as a "foe, not a friend".

That's why it could never be National - National would never say capitalism was a foe.

So now the change will come.

Immigration will be cut by up to 30,000 a year.

The Government will start building 100,000 homes.

Foreign buyers will be banned from obtaining both homes and farms.

New Zealand's involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is in jeopardy.

Monetary policy that manages the Reserve Bank and our currency will change.

Work will begin on moving Auckland Port which could be the biggest non-earthquake public infrastructure spend since 'Think Big'.

The minimum wage is going to go up.

The Greens will be ministers for the first time and have influence over policies like climate change.

And there will be moral changes too - for instance, Pike River will be re-entered.  

When the last Government changed from National to Labour in 2008 there was never going to be change like this - and there wasn't, there was incrementalism.

Not this time. This time it is different.

The politics of the day were extraordinary - but the change to come will be even more extraordinary.

There is a huge warning that comes with this huge change - it will hurt, and some of it won't work.

This Government is unique - but that also means it is untested.

All these represent a different New Zealand - a changed New Zealand.

Change isn't coming: it is here - and it is coming at New Zealand very fast.

Patrick Gower is Newshub's Political Editor.