Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: The world reacts

As New Zealand adapts to a Government led by Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party, the rest of the world has also been taking stock of what's gone on here.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was among the first of the world's leaders to offer congratulations - along with the UK's Theresa May, who called Ms Ardern directly. No peep has yet been heard from US President Donald Trump.

Mr Trudeau said he and Ms Ardern have an opportunity to come together by "tackling the common issues faced by citizens of both countries".

"Whether it is addressing climate change or deepening trade relationships that create real benefits for everyone, Canada and New Zealand have a great deal to share and learn from each other," he said.

Felicitations in droves have come from across the Tasman, with Australian Labour leader Bill Shorten, former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull all sending their best wishes.

Even Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who said just two month that she would "find it very difficult to build trust" with Labour, said she was "looking forward" to working with them.

Not everyone was so complimentary, however - some were sucking sour grapes. This shocker of a headline from The Australian is a case in point.

Former Labour leader - and Richtopia's third-most influential woman in the world - Helen Clark has also offered her congratulations, calling Ms Ardern's victory "extraordinary" and "historic".

Britain's The Guardian called her a "reluctant leader", lauding her "political nous", "youth and energy" and "uncultivated charm and humour" - while The Independent said she is "good news for New Zealand".

BBC analyst Hywel Griffith was less optimistic, saying she has plenty on her to-do list and will find it a challenge to deal with the fractious relationship of NZ First leader Winston Peters and Greens leader James Shaw.

Politically charged Netflix TV series House of Cards also took to social media to give her a welcome to "the top of the food chain".

Amongst the more obscure around the world's celebrities offering their congratulations was US comedian Greg Proops, of Whose Line is it Anyway fame, who called Ms Ardern "a progressive woman".

That label's a bit better than "chicky babe", don't you think Leighton Smith?