Blood Father review

Mel Gibson in Blood Father
Mel Gibson in Blood Father

Washed up trailer trash, his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor a few trailers down, John Link (Mel Gibson) has seen happier drunker days.

No longer actually incarcerated, Link is still a prisoner of his own past and his own conscience, with the daughter he loves lost to him.

But when she washes up on his front door - living proof of nature over nurture complete with most of his addictions and bad attitude - he sees an opportunity for some kind of redemption.

Of course, Link will need to draw on his dodgy past, his dodgy mates, a big gun and a sweet as ride to save his daughter.

Needless to say, blood will be spilt.

Blood Father has an R-Rated, trashy B-movie feel, which is best known up front and actually serves the mostly clichéd story quite well.

But what this film really did was remind me why I just love Mel Gibson on screen. His gun-toting road to redemption navigating the nasties is obviously the only reason to see this.

Two-and-a-half stars.