Kate Rodger

Kate Rodger, Newshub's entertainment reporter.

Kate Rodger is Newshub's Entertainment Editor and Film Reviewer. Her job takes her all over the world covering film premieres and awards ceremonies, visiting movie sets, shooting interviews and filing stories.

She has crossed live from the Oscars, several Royal Premieres, a multitude of film festivals and has interviewed everyone from Meryl Streep to Han Solo.

Kate is a member of the international Critics Choice Association and an approved Rotten Tomatoes critic.

When she's not on a plane, a red carpet or in a cinema, she's a full-time working mother. Her son Max has a growing collection of Star Wars memorabilia, courtesy of his nerdy mother, but she insists there is no truth to the rumour that 80 percent of his collection pre-dates his birth by some decades.

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