Life review

With Alien: Covenant only a month or so away, there is another sci-fi space horror to keep fans of the genre going until then.

Life is about a space station and its inhabitants who find themselves sharing it with another life-form.

Along with the big questions - such as "What goes bump in the night?" and "Katherine Heigl, just why?" - there is one other big question we love to ask Hollywood to answer for us - is there life on Mars? 

Of course they pretty much always spend gazillions of dollars answering yes - and with alarming frequency - on their mission to terrify us into wishing we had never asked the question in the first place.

There are worse things than being lost in space with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, even when there are scary alien life-forms flopping about.

They are joined by class acts Rebecca Fergusson and Hiroyuki Sanada - all part of a team investigating samples gathered on Mars.

When they find signs of life, their excitement and fascination is both understandable, and short-lived.

Life is never dull. Essentially, it's a man-versus-potential-extermination-of-our-entire-species cautionary tale about messing about with an alien life-form.

It's well told, simply and effectively, and when bad stuff happens - and you know it will - it's as creepy as hell.

Three-and-a-half stars.


:: Director: Daniel Espinosa

:: Starring:  Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson

:: Running Time: 110 mins

:: Rating: R13

:: Release Date: In cinemas now


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