Review: John Wick Chapter 2 delivers operatically orchestrated action with en pointe brutality

John Wick is not very good at retiring.

Upping the ante on all fronts with more money, more action, more head-shots, more pencils and just more everything; the legend of Wick and the world he once lived in - and now must try to survive in again - just grows bigger, and better.

The bare bones of the story thus far are this: John Wick used to kill people for money. He now kills them for revenge. Because there are two things you never mess with - a man's car and a man's dog.

Things get slightly more complicated in John Wick: Chapter 2 - his past sins revisit him, making him an offer he can't refuse.

So yes, it's a book-the-babysitter kind of movie, for those of you who delight in operatically orchestrated action executed with en pointe brutality and Bolshoi Ballet precision and passion.

My love affair with Keanu Reeves' impossibly un-killable killing machine is akin to the obsessive, this sequel merely feeds that obsession.

Somebody PLEASE get this man a gun.

Five stars.