Period blood art to be displayed at Ponsonby menstruation meeting

  • 09/06/2017
Period blood artist Zoe James
Artist Zoe James Photo credit: supplied

Warning: This story contains content that may disturb.

A picture painted entirely with an artist's period blood will be unveiled at an event in the posh Auckland suburb of Ponsonby on June 13.

The Menstruation Matters evening will host a range of speakers discussing the financial accessibility of menstruation products, along with Zoe James unveiling her artwork - which is entitled 'An Expensive Habit'.

Organisers say the event intends "to raise awareness of the struggles facing many females on a day-to-day basis and to demand that access to these basic items is provided to all those who need it".

Ms James says the blood required to create the art was all taken from one cycle - and she still has some left.

"I use a Mooncup and when I remove it, I have a small silicone cup that's full of straight blood - it's not like I'm having to juice it out of a tampon or anything. It's in its raw form," says Ms James.

She says the blood was immediately out into an air-tight jar and chilled, remaining sterile.

"Even when I open it now, it still doesn't smell. If you shove your nose right in the jar, it smells vaguely like raw egg".

Artist Zoe James paints with period blood for Menstruation Matters evening in Ponsonby
Zoe James painting 'An Expensive Habit' Photo credit: supplied

Ms James painted 'An Expensive Habit' at home and laughs about her daughter painting nearby, offering her some other colours as she only had red.

She is passionate about making access to sanitary products easier and more affordable for all people who need them.

Another Menstruation Matters guest is feminist comedian Michele A'Court, who has stated "If men bled out their penises once a month, there would be free tampon dispensaries in every boardroom".

Other speakers at the event include Vanessa Cole from Auckland Action Against Poverty, writer Brooke Wilton, the Green Party's Denise Roche and Hannah Wood and Mackenzie Koppel from the Auckland City Mission.

Menstruation Matters attendees are encouraged to bring sealed sanitary products that will be donated to those in need. Anybody else - including companies - who wish to donate are also asked to, even if they don't attend.

The event is being hosted at the Woman's Bookshop from 6pm. More information is available on the Menstruation Matters Facebook page.