Review: Tom Cruise charms despite The Mummy's mediocrity

I know how grumpy I am when I get woken up, so it's not hard to appreciate how this Mummy feels after a few thousand years of slumber.

It doesn't help that she's inherently peeved off generally and on an evil mission to wreak havoc on all mankind.

Tom Cruise plays the man who woke her and he will certainly pay the price for that indiscretion. 

She will follow him from her sandy tomb to London, where the action ramps right up and the story gets bigger and busier, murkier and muddier and less and less compelling.

Some frights and fun doth not a monster movie make, but with the Tom Cruise charm offensive dialled up to extreme with his usual array of death-defying stunts augmented by some equally death-defying visual effects, The Mummy should haul in the crowds, if not the critical acclaim.

Three stars.

* The Mummy is in cinemas now.


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