NZ Fashion Week: Kathryn Wilson rocks the runway

Unless you've been under a sequin-encrusted rock, you'll no doubt be aware it's New Zealand Fashion Week and it's high time we talked about shoes.

If there is one thing that keeps the well-heeled at fashion week shaken and stirred it's the accessories; shoes, handbags, earrings and sunglasses.

Lets face it; accessories maketh the woman, in this case Kiwi shoe designer Kathryn Wilson, who's back on the runway.

Fashion is a tough business and you need to walk a mile in her shoes to fully understand what it takes for Wilson to head up one of our most beloved footwear brands, and to have done so for 14 years.

She told Newshub that a good pair of shoes can turn around your whole day.

"It really can make someone's day wearing their favourite shoes," she said.

"I always say if you've got a doc appointment you really don't want to go to, or the dentist, or anything that's a bit scary, wear your fave pair of heels and it will be so much better  especially when you get down off the chair and you're like 'good where are we going?'"

This is her third fashion week - an opportunity to connect with buyers and media.

"If they haven't had an experience with us before in terms of international media, then it's really giving them that moment of pulling on the heart strings and feeling the romance of our brand and how we like to communicate with our customers," Wilson said.

The show done and almost dusted, she celebrates with one of her most important front row VIPs, her 94-year-old Aunt Betty, a woman who knows the joy of a good pair of shoes.



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