BBC presenter makes excruciating positioning gaffe on live TV

  • 12/09/2017

A BBC anchor has suffered a humiliating blunder while trying to present a news piece on the effects of Hurricane Irma.

In a live broadcast on Saturday night (local time), Tom Donkin in place to deliver the piece - only to be notified he was in the wrong position.

What he didn't realise was that he actually wasn't that far off - he simply needed to move back a few steps to a different screen.

But Donkin clearly panicked - and with his speaking part scheduled to begin in a matter of seconds, he scurried across the studio in a frantic effort to find the right camera to stand in front of.

Hilarious and cringeworthy video shows Donkin running off-screen, only to return when he realised he was actually standing in front of the correct camera initially.

After one more gaffe that saw him facing the wrong way, Donkin finally established himself in the right spot and got the broadcast underway - a good 20 seconds after it was scheduled to start.

After much publicity over his error, Donkin responded to a tweet saying "this stuff happens with live TV".