Lorde admits she's partly to blame for the Auckland housing crisis

Prized New Zealand songstress Lorde has confessed to contributing to the country's housing crisis in an interview with US comedian Marc Maron.

Speaking on the comic's radio show WTF, the 'Green Light' hitmaker alluded to the purchase of her own home in Auckland back in August 2015.

Lorde admitted that acquisition - a $3 million villa in the swanky suburb of Herne Bay - had likely played a small role in making it more difficult for young people to get on the property ladder.

"I grew up there my whole life. It's so beautiful," she gushed. "I mean, it has problems like any country. We have a real housing crisis going on right now, which sucks."

Asked what a 'housing crisis' is, Lorde confirmed it was when "too many rich people bought up the old houses".

"I'm definitely part of that problem, I think," she confessed. "I bought a house for the last two years. It's hard for young people to buy houses and to rent."

Lorde is based largely in the US at the moment as she tours her most recent release Melodrama, but revealed Croatia had recently gifted her honorary citizenship on account of her ancestry and celebrity status.

She spoke for a while about how New Zealand is a good fit for Croatians, but said Los Angeles - where her interview with Maron was held - is the opposite of Aotearoa in many ways.

"I come [to Los Angeles] about as little as I can help it," she said.

"It puts me ill at ease. It's still a strange thing. You land in LA, and all the f**king paparazzi are at the airport, and so you dream about paparazzi for the next two weeks.

"It's just so far from what my life is. New Zealand and America are such different places, and it's something I'll never get used to in my life."

She said a lot of her new international friends - some of whom she revealed "rip the shit out of me for my accent all the time" - have hit her up for travel advice on her home nation.

"A lot of people have hit me up [about coming to New Zealand] - I've been like, 'I have a spare room, you can take turns. It's a nice spare room.'"

Lorde also spoke at length about the difference between the countries' advertising, saying the US makes viewers feel like children while in New Zealand "it's masked a bit better" and is "much more practical".