Review: Brigsby Bear is gorgeous and unexpected

A really useful thing for me to do right now would be to explain - spoiler-free - the basic premise of Brigsby Bear - but I must confess, it's not easy.

Brigsby Bear is the star of a little-known TV show.

For reasons which will be become clear if you're inspired enough to buy a ticket, a man named James is the world's biggest fan of Brigsby Bear.

His love of the show, his love of life and his love of stories will transform the lives of everyone around him.

Fans of Saturday Night Live's Kyle Mooney - you're already signed up as he both writes and stars. Also watch out for Greg Kinnear, Matt Walsh and the Last Jedi too, Mark Hamill.

And if you've got no idea what the heck is going on right now, then perfect - you're ready for Brigsby.

The joy that comes from the unexpected, the delight that comes from discovery, and the beat your heart skips when good storytelling wins you over are just three of the reasons why a love of cinema is a love like no other.

Brigsby Bear is certainly unexpected and more than just a little bit gorgeous.

Four stars.

* Brigsby Bear is in cinemas now.