Taika Waititi almost steals the show in new Thor: Ragnarok

Taika Waititi's first major blockbuster opens globally this week and the first cinema full of local fans got to watch it tonight at the New Zealand premiere.

Waititi does double duty in the new Thor: Ragnarok; directing and also starring in it as Korg.

Unmistakably Waititi and unmistakably Kiwi - Korg almost steals the show.

"It's a little special piece of K Rd bouncer outside a nightclub," Waititi told Newshub.

"I just like the idea of a character hard on the outside, and gentle like a marshmallow smudged together with daffodils on the inside... He's like a motherly character; he looks after people, he doesnt like fighting."

Like the Hulk, Korg is of course CGI which meant Waititi had to wear the infamously sexy mo-cap suit, which he says they called "the emasculation suit". 

"We call it the man cancelling suit", co-star Mark Ruffalo added.

"Because it makes you look big everywhere you want to look small and small and everywhere you want to look big."

"It's very hard to be taken seriously when you're directing actors, [and] the crew when you're wearing your pyjamas," Waititi explained.

A nightmare perhaps, but Korg is the gift that keeps on giving.