Kirstie Alley calls out 'witch hunt' over sexual abuse claims

  • 14/11/2017
Kirstie Alley calls out 'witch hunt' over sexual abuse claims
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Actress Kirstie Alley has courted controversy on Twitter, by calling sexual abuse rumours a "witch hunt".

The prominent scientologist and advocate against psychiatric medications tweeted her opinion, saying "rumours cause witch hunts".

"I'm an advocate of courts of law 4 criminal matters," she wrote. "Also innocent until proven guilty is a fairly sane concept that I'm pretty sure each of us would like to be afforded. 

"Rumours cause witch hunts. Seems ok to be part of the mob until you become the next witch."

She later followed up with more tweets on the subject. 

"We livin in the wild wild West"

"We all believe things we know NOTHING about at times & would be be quick to pull the trigger out of disgust & anger.

"This is why we have judges & juries instead of stonings & stake burnings… guess we are attempting justice."

She was likely alluding to sexual assault allegations in Hollywood, where Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Louis CK have all faced allegations of sexual misconduct, after a New York Times article revealed inappropriate behaviour between Weinstein and several high-profile actresses.