Review: Justice League is as entertaining as a slow drive through Huntly

When you're 10 minutes into a superhero blockbuster and even the superheroes look bored witless, you know you're in for long night.

Yep, Justice League has landed.

I really wanted to love this film, it has Wonder Woman in it after all, and if there is a slightly faded silver lining to this movie then she's it.

Here the Batman is feeling a bit stink about essentially killing off Superman, so to try and set the world right and save it and all that, he decides to assemble his own Bat-Pack - his own team of PC DC avenging superheroes.

So there's the guy without a shirt on who mostly who talks to fish, the guy who's really fast incredibly sweet and who the scriptwriters really want to be really funny but mostly isn't, and then there's the incredibly useful Cyborg, who is actually kinda cool.

But can they all save the world without Superman? I know regardless of what I think, you'll still buy a ticket to find out.

Cue the death threats as I lay my head on the fanboy chopping block but this calculated, flaccid, try-hard attempt to offend no one and please everyone was about as entertaining as a slow drive through Huntly.

My dad quite liked it though, although in fairness he didn't have his hearing aids in. 

Two stars.