Could Tommy Wiseau be the new Joker?

Tommy Wiseau tweets Todd Phillips after a role in the standalone Joker movie.
Photo credit: Wiseau Films; Warner Bros

Tommy Wiseau appears keen to enter the lucrative superhero movie genre after tweeting a filmmaker about his upcoming Joker movie.

The star of cult hit The Room sent a message at The Hangover director Todd Phillips, with a link to a story about Joaquin Phoenix landing the role in his Suicide Squad prequel.

Wiseau, who has gained countless new fans recently thanks to James Franco's portrayal of him in The Disaster Artist, seems to be suggesting he'd be a better choice than Phoenix. 

Dozens of replies joke about the idea with puns combining The Room quotes with the DC Comics universe.

"I did not kill his parents, I did nahhhht. Oh, Hai Bruce," said @Birneybau.

"What a story, batsy!" added @hukestage.

One of the most liked replies combines Wiseau's name with the quote that is perhaps most associated with the Heath Ledger Joker.

In December, Wiseau took to Twitter to ask Mark Hamill for a role in a Star Wars movie.


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