Grant Denyer criticised over 'inappropriate item' in daughter's school lunch

An Australian broadcaster has lambasted his young daughter's school after it sent a letter criticising his decision to put a baked treat in her lunchbox.

Former V8 supercar driver, who is now a well-known television and radio broadcaster across the Tasman, told the "embarrassing" tale on the 2Day FM breakfast show, which he hosts.

"We've been in trouble with [my daughter] Sailor's school," he told co-hosts Em Rusciano and Ed Kavalee on Friday morning.

"We've been reprimanded. A letter was sent home for sending Sailor to school with an 'inappropriate item' in her lunchbox."

The offending foodstuff? "A gluten-free, choc chip muffin, which we made together over the weekend."

The letter said the muffin was inappropriate because "it is an unhealthy item", Denyer explained.

"It contravenes the school's policy on lunches. It is so embarrassing, you feel like the worst parent in the world," he said.

"[We were] trying to do the right thing, we made it together on the weekend, a lovely father-daughter, mother-daughter experience.

"Sailor wanted to take it to school for a bit of lunch, show the other kids what she'd made - the school goes, 'Whammo! No you don't.'"

A number of fellow parents rang into the show on Friday morning, also riled by their kids' respective schools and their attitude to lunchbox food.

Earlier this month, a Melbourne mother shared her story about receiving a letter telling her off for sending her child to kindergarten with a lamington.


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