Jimmy Kimmel cries, calls out Trump in emotional Florida shooting monologue

  • 17/02/2018
The late night TV host couldn't hold himself together in the monologue.
The late night TV host couldn't hold himself together in the monologue. Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has broken down in tears while speaking about the deadly high school shooting that claimed 17 lives in Florida.

Gunman Nikolas Cruz, a former student who was expelled for disciplinary reasons, entered his old school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, on Wednesday (local time) and opened fire.

Father of four Kimmel, who also welled up while speaking about last year's horrific attack at a concert in his hometown of Las Vegas, called on US President Donald Trump to make law changes that would better protect Americans.

"Children are being murdered," Kimmel said, stopping as he tried to hold himself together.

"Don't you dare let anyone say it's too soon to be talking about this, because you said it after Vegas, you said it after Sandy Hook, you say that after every one of these eight fatal school shootings we had in this country this year.

"Do something. We still haven't even talked about it, you still haven't done anything about this - nothing. You've literally done nothing."

Kimmel also called out President Trump for perceived hypocrisy in a tweet in which he blamed Cruz's fatal attack on mental illness.

In that Twitter post, Mr Trump said Cruz's neighbours and classmates knew he was "mentally disturbed" and "a big problem" and should've done more to help stop him.

Kimmel was displeased at the suggestion it was others' lack of action, and not his own, that resulted in the shooting.

"You like to say this is a mental health issue but one of your very first acts as president, Mr Trump, was to actually roll back the regulations that were designed to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill," he said.

"You did that. Your party voted to repeal the mandates on coverage for mental health.

"So, I agree, this is a mental illness issue - because if you don't agree we need to do something about it, you're obviously mentally ill."

Kimmel urged President Trump to "do everything possible to keep assault rifles out of the hands of people who are going to shoot our kids".