Sky TV in talks with Netflix and Amazon Prime

Sky TV says it has had discussions with Amazon Prime and Netflix about sharing content and services.

"We would have no problems putting their apps up there, any more than we have problems putting free-to-air channels up on our platform," Sky TV CEO John Fellet told Stuff.

"If we can be the one source for all the content, that is a better place to be than just offering your own." 

Mr Fellet indicated these partnerships would have to wait for a technology upgrade, which would allow Sky to deliver content through a Sky TV app via broadband rather than satellite, Stuff reports.

It's the latest big announcement from Sky TV, which is struggling in the media marketplace. In the 2017 financial year, Sky lost 28,000 customers, NZME reports. Its share price has similarly dropped.

Earlier this week Sky TV said it would offer a budget package featuring a limited number of channels. The move will likely help the company retain customers, although could reduce revenue per user.


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