Review: A Wrinkle in Time has a strange disconnect

A Wrinkle in Time is a big story to tackle on the big screen, one which traverses time and other world as well as the more Earthly-bound human issues of bullying, self-belief and self-worth, friendship and love.

At its centre is Meg Murry, a unique shy young girl trying to navigate the pot holes and pitfalls of school life after the strange disappearance of her father (Chris Pine).

As it turns out, his disappearance is even stranger than first thought - he has somehow crossed time and space... and it will come down to Meg, her little brother and school friend Calvin to find him.

They get some magical help from three magical women and while the A-list trio of Oprah, Reese and Mindy certainly proves helpful, success or failure will come down to what Meg finds within herself.

Keep your eyes peeled for some gorgeous Kiwi scenery, and if you've not read the book, you'll need to pay attention in order to keep up with the story.

This Wrinkle in Time had a strange disconnect for me, a case perhaps of traditional storytelling not gelling with a more sophisticated expectation.

But the messages embedded here, while delivered heavy-handedly, are still really good ones for our kids.

Three stars.


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