'Maybe Taika Waititi has already peaked' - Julian Dennison

Julian Dennison is back on the big screen in Deadpool 2 and in the spirit of the film's cutting comedy, he's taken to mocking his friends and co-stars.

The teen actor starred in Taika Waititi's Hunt for the Wilderpeople, but suggested to Newshub the filmmaker's star will now fade after peaking with Thor: Ragnarok.

"Taika interviewed me the other day and it was the worst interview," said Dennison.

"He said, 'All thanks to you, I'm the eagle and you're the wind beneath my wings - but you still owe your career to me'. I said 'thanks, Taika. Thank you papa.'."

But after Deadpool 2 makes loads of money, will the tables be turned?

"Yeah, maybe - maybe I'm the eagle, and he's the wind," said Dennison.

"Maybe he's already peaked and it's all just downhill from here."

Being serious for a moment, Dennison acknowledged that Hunt for the Wilderpeople was his "breakout movie" and he greatly appreciates the opportunities it's given him.

After lightly roasting Waititi, Dennison moved on to comparing his co-stars Sam Neill and Ryan Reynolds.

"Sam is a lot prettier than Ryan - both with and without make-up," the 15-year-old said.

Both Neill and Reynolds are hilarious on Twitter - but which one would Dennison unfollow if he had to?

"I would unfollow Sam... he's just classic old guy on social media. I don't know, Ryan might have some funnier tweets and post cooler photos, not just of him and his animals."

Deadpool 2 opened in New Zealand cinemas on Wednesday.