Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin insult each other while promoting Deadpool 2

  • 16/05/2018
Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin insult each other while promoting Deadpool 2
Photo credit: BBC 1

Ryan Reynolds has been on a wild ride while promoting Deadpool 2.

Just some of the actor's press tour exploits include dressing as a unicorn to sing on a Korean TV Show, dancing with Celine Dion and apologising to David Beckham.

Reynolds' latest adventure saw him appear on BBC1's 'Playground Insults', where he and Deadpool 2 co-star Josh Brolin sat around slinging abuse at each other about their careers.

Brolin, who plays the film's villain Cable, wasted no time delivering a low blow.

"You're tall, you're handsome, you have the perfect amount of scruff - and you still have no talent."

With his ego still intact, Reynolds replied: "You're going to say that with a straight face to 1998's MTV Best Kiss nominee Ryan Reynolds?"

Luckily Brolin had a back-up plan: launching an attack on the infamous flop that was Reynolds' movie Green Lantern.

"End of career, and yet you're still going," he taunted. "Why? None of us can understand it."

Reynolds' then attempted a jab at Brolin's performance in the cult hit Goonies, but quickly back-tracked, worried he might have gone a step too far.

"You actually just felt guilty, didn't you?!" Brolin asked gleefully.

In the end, Reynolds reverts back to what he does best: self-deprecation. After Brolin claimed to have never watched Green Lantern, Reynolds doesn't miss a beat.

"Neither have I, the editor didn't even see it!"

Deadpool 2 opens in New Zealand cinemas on Thursday.