Amy Poehler criticises the state of the world during interview celebrating her

Amy Poehler.
Amy Poehler. Photo credit: Getty

Amy Poehler has bluntly criticised the state of the world during an interview during celebrating her comedy career.

Poehler was named as one of The Hollywood Reporter's 40(ish) Most Powerful People in Comedy and was supposed to answer some cliché questions about her career. But instead she chose to discuss the environment and recent crises in Puerto Rico, and the magazine printed everything.

For her most memorable heckler she responded: "Who cares? The whole world is on fire."

The response for dream product endorsement was: "A giant whale just died in Thailand after eating 80 plastic bags.

Her guilty pleasure was: "Let's not forget over 4600 people have died in Puerto Rico."

There were other, equally straightforward, responses covering topics such as the Donald Trump administration and gun control.

Comedian Rachel Dratch tweeted a photo of the interview, and the image made its way across the internet as social media users praised Poehler.

"Amy's responses are my current mood. Who cares? [Shit] is raining from the sky," one user wrote.

"Amy Poehler's answers to these Hollywood Reporter questions are precisely why I love her and why we need more Amy Poehler in this world," another said.