Dancing With The Stars NZ: David Seymour shares his twerking regrets

"It's sort of unusual for me, because I've never thought of myself as being an attractive man," says ACT NZ party leader David Seymour.

"But a number of the ladies on set said that I had quite shapely buttocks."

David is referring, of course, to his infamous decision to twerk on national television during his stint on Dancing With The Stars NZ.

He made it all the way to the semi-finals before being eliminated on Monday night, along with his dance partner Amelia McGregor.

"You were one of them!" he says to Amelia, as she's pulling a face at the mention of his buttocks - something many DWTS NZ viewers can likely relate to.

"Having failed at every other dancing maneuverer, I thought, you know, 'twerking... that could be me'."

Is it him now, I wonder?

"I'm a bit worried that might be the thing a lot of people will remember about me," he says.

"It was good fun, and people get that it was for a good cause."

Along with his twerking on DWTS NZ, David also teamed up with Max Key to film a twerk-heavy Instagram video.

The politician and the son of former Prime Minister John Key shook their respective tail-feathers for their fans, but it appears David isn't keen for a sequel.

"I don't think dancing with Max Key is going to help me very much," he says. 

"One of the things this experience has taught me is that dancing is probably not my thing."

Probably not, agreed many critics. Not to worry for David, however - his propensity for hurt feelings has been steeled by his time in politics.

"Life is actually quite short," he says.

"And to spend a substantial portion of it pressing buttons on a machine to write nasty things about people you don't know... I really feel sorry for those people.

"Everyone's got their flaws and faults. I've got some pretty obvious ones, especially in dancing, that everyone knows about now.

"But if you put yourself out there and do your best, you might be surprised at how many people are backing you."

If there was ever a silver lining to Davd's dancing attempts, it's got to be the fact he raised a lot of money for his charity, Kidsline.

And that's something we should all hold on to, very tightly, as we rock ourselves to sleep at night, wrestling with visions of neon outfits and viral dance moves.