Dancing With The Stars NZ: Sam Hayes reveals all about upcoming grand final

Newshub Live at 6pm presenter Sam Hayes is competing in Dancing With The Stars NZ and has made it to the grand final. This is how it will all go down.

Just like that, it all comes down to this. We've been dancing and training for over three months now and in just a few days, we'll be performing in the grand final of 2018's Dancing With The Stars.

Aaron and I are absolutely thrilled to have made it through to week 10 alongside Chris and Vanessa, Jess and Johnny and Shav and Enrique. It's been wonderful getting to know everyone and we've all formed lasting friendships - a huge bonus to an already rewarding experience.

Unfortunately we didn't quite get the perfect 30 we were aiming for last week and it was terrifying how close we came to ending up in the bottom two after the judges weren't too impressed with our cha cha.

Thank you so much to every single person who voted for us - you're the only reason we didn't have to take part in the final dance-off elimination and I'm so grateful for all the support.

Things are a little bit different this weekend. Each of the four finalists will perform two dances. The first is a Freestyle dance which is a showcase of everything we have learned so far. The second dance is a repeat of our favourite dance from the show.


But only three of the four couples will get to do both. One couple will be eliminated after the first performance.

Here's the major change this week: this time, the judges' scores don't matter when it comes to who is going home. Instead it's entirely up to you, the viewers, to text in and vote for who you want to stay.

After we've all done our freestyle the voting will pause for a bit and we'll all be brought out for one final elimination - but there's no redemption dance-off. Whoever gets the fewest votes out of the four of us will be sent home.

A really scary thought - I hope it's not us!

Aaron seems to be having a lot of fun choreographing our freestyle routine - it's sort-of a highlights package with our favourite parts from all of the dances we've done so far.

He's even brought back a move we wanted to put in our contemporary, but got rid of because it was too risky. But this time we're pushing ourselves to our absolute limits.

If we make it through the first knockout round - and Aaron and I are really hoping we will - we'll be redoing our contemporary dance. Last time we managed to get two 10s and a 9, so hopefully this time we'll finally impress Rachel since it's our last shot at a perfect 30!

Aaron's determined that we get it so we're spending all hours at the studio again for one last week.

After the top three couples have done their second dance, the votes will be tallied and the winner announced.

So it's up to you now. If we win, we'll take the mirror ball trophy on tour of some of the 55 Riding For the Disabled Associations around the country.

They do such incredible work and I'm thrilled that we've managed to get this far for them. I'd love to see the smiles on the kids' faces if we do manage to achieve something I thought was impossible at the beginning of this adventure.

For everyone who's voted for us so far or sent us messages of support, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has been such a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and funds for RDA and I've loved every moment of it.

Remember you can vote as many times as you want so please vote early and often. Aaron and I will do our best, but we can't do this without you.

And for the last time, make sure you tune in on Sunday at 7pm for the show.


Watch the video for a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at our final Dancing With The Stars rehearsals.

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