Man high on LSD thought he was in Grand Theft Auto

Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark Photo credit: Oregon State Police

An Oregon man high on drugs stole a car in front of police, thinking he was in a real life version of the famous video game, Grand Theft Auto.

Anthony Clark led police on a 65km chase through multiple towns, crashing through a fence, driving down roads the wrong way and running over spike stops on Saturday (US time), Fox News Reports.

The 23-year-old was arrested after ramming into police and attempting to steal another car.

He admitted to taking drugs and hallucinating while being interviewed, and officials say no one was hurt during the incident.

The man is facing a number of charges from different law enforcement agencies.

Clark was charged by the Jackson County Sheriff's office on a number of charges including reckless driving and attempting to elude an officer in a vehicle, Fox News reports.

He was also charged by the Ashland Police department with multiple charges, including first degree criminal mischief and unlawful entry into a vehicle.