Prepare to cringe at Post Malone's new face tattoos

Prepare to cringe at Post Malone's new face tattoos
Photo credit: Instagram

Post Malone, also known as the man who brought us musical masterpieces like the album Beerbongs and Bentleys, has unveiled two new facial tattoos.

The 22-year-old rapper opted to have the words 'Always Tired' tattooed under his eyes, which pairs rather beautifully with the statement 'Stay Away' - found perched above his right eyebrow.

The striking ink made its debut on tattoo artist Chad Rowe's Instagram page, where he called crafting the artworks "an absolute honour".

Rowe went on to say his life had been changed, and what's more, he'd even scored a shaky Superman logo tattooed on his thumb by the hip hop star himself.

In addition to these latest adornments, Malone's mug also sports a crown of barbed wire across his forehead, a sword on his temple and a playboy bunny on his cheek.

In an interview with GQ, Malone cited Justin Bieber as his tattoo inspiration, saying the pop star had replied "nah", when asked if getting his tattoos hurt.

Whether or not there will be room for more facial ink in the space between his existing seven tattoos and overzealous moustache remains to be seen.