Kardashians admonished for celebrating 'anorexic' Kim K on Instagram

Kim Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian. Photo credit: Ellentube

The Kardashians are in hot water after an Instagram video that appeared to show the reality TV family complimenting Kim on a body they described as "anorexic".

The video, posted on Instagram by Kim herself, showed Khloe, half-sister Kendall Jenner and mother Kris as they all got ready to head to a charity poker tournament.

In the video, one of the sisters can be heard commenting on how she looks "anorexic" and that "you can almost see through her".

Kendall even joked that she was concerned she wasn't eating at all.

Kim appears to be overjoyed by the comment, thank her family before acknowledging she'd dropped down to 119 pounds (53kg).

A number of social media users were left unhappy by the clip, saying it perpetuates dangerous body image goals for women and makes light of genuine eating disorders.

Following the comments on Kim, Khloe also copped online abuse, with someone posting on her instagram video, "Who's watching your baby?" to which she replied, "Her dad but thanks for asking."


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