Ryan Reynolds making a stoner version of Home Alone

Ryan Reynolds making a stoner version of Home Alone.
Photo credit: Newshub.

Ryan Reynolds is set to produce a new take on classic family film Home Alone, giving it a very R-rated twist.

Stoned Alone will follow a marijuana-growing, 20-year-old 'loser' who has to violently and creatively defend his home from a break-in, after missing the plane for a planned skiing holiday.

"Fully stoned and fuelled by paranoia, he tries to thwart the thieves and defend his castle," writes Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr, who broke the story.

No casting details have been announced, but Deadpool star Reynolds may act in the film as well as produce it.

Augustine Frizzell will direct Stoned Alone, whose previous directorial credits include I Was A Teenage Girl and Never Goin' Back.

The original Home Alone was released in holiday season, 1990.

Stoned Alone won't be the first movie to give an adult take on the classic family movie. Better Watch Out (2016) and The Aggression Scale (2012) both use a similar formula but feature graphic, R-rated violence.