Pearl Jam poster slammed as 'disgusting' for showing dead Trump and White House on fire

Pearl Jam poster slammed as 'disgusting' for showing dead Trump and White House on fire
Photo credit: Reuters, Getty/File

American rock band Pearl Jam is under fire for a controversial poster that depicts US President Donald Trump's dead body being picked at by a bald eagle in front of a burning White House.

The artwork sparked outrage after the band released it along with a note from bassist Jeff Ament, who co-designed the poster with artist Bobby Brown, also known as Bobby Draws Skullz.

"Y'all know the deal," Ament wrote under a draft sketch of the concept. 

"We're at a tipping point, and it's time for action."

The poster promotes a Pearl Jam concert in Montana, which also served as a fundraiser for Democrat Senator Jon Tester's re-election campaign. 

"[He] is the real deal," Ament wrote of Tester. "Nobody cares more about our country and especially Montana."

Tester's political opponent, Republican candidate Matt Rosendale, slammed the artwork as "disgusting and reprehensible" on Twitter.

"It's time for Jon Tester to denounce this act of violence and blatant display of extremism," he wrote.

Social media commentators have also weighed in, with some defending Pearl Jam's position as creators of art.

"The poster is a metaphor, not a call to violence," one Twitter user wrote.

"Quit blaming bands for violence and poverty and start looking inward and to the process that continues to hold people back."

Another tweet compared the drawing's subject matter to some of Trump's scandals.

"If you think this poster is more offensive than a man calling a woman a dog, bragging about grabbing women by the p**sy, mocking people with disabilities... then your priorities are f**ked up."

Others found the band's political statement upsetting.

"To see the poster that @PearlJam put out makes me sick and sad," one tweet read.

One self-described Pearl Jam fan added: "You shouldn't have done that Eddie [Vedder]," referring to the band's lead singer.

"You must not care about your fans who are Republicans - hope the FBI hunts you down."

Vedder has publicly criticised Trump in the past. Earlier this year, the giant balloon portraying Trump as a baby in nappies was flown outside Pearl Jam's London show.